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  • Qoazi

    For now, I will call it, "Tree".

    So I actually can't recall what day this was made but I think it was the night of the 23:rd and morning of the 24:th, Pretty sure of that.

    I joined the game without anything special in mind, But when I saw all the holiday trees I remembered Nobananas "A Bigger Tree" And decided I wanted to make a large tree too, Altough one I could live inside. Now I've always been more interested in mechanics and complex things rather than many simpler things, An example would be that I'd much rather make 1 custom built catapult (Not using the Catapult Vehicle, Using roblox physics) than make a large nice looking village, Simply because making the village takes a lot of work but very little thinking while the catapult takes…

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  • Qoazi


    December 23, 2014 by Qoazi

    Let's make a Picture story, and see if it makes any sense.

    But yes, This person destroyed the Obstacle course I had spent a couple of hours making. It is the person in the Pictures that did it. (TheFleebs5)

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  • Qoazi

    Past Events

    October 31, 2014 by Qoazi

    Edit: I know, This blog is getting long, and I don't even keep many games in here, But I'm unlikely to ever organize it, it was never intended to be a long project of any kind and it has (Suprisingly) reached some of the goals I had.

    Right, So recently (31/10/2014 [dd/mm/yyyy]) a lot of things have happened, I'd almost like to say none were bad but that's not really true, but few bad things did happen. I have been free from school these past days and have also started playing more since my friend and I stopped playing another game together.

    so, I'll start as far back as I can recall, I'm unsure as to what day exactly this was since i turned the day around (And by happenstance went up when the sun set and went to bed when the sun rose) and ha…

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