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  • I live in Does this matter?
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is Building awesome stuff in ROBLOX.
  • I am Male
  • SkilledSniper1

    I know that I didn't play S303 for a long time, but now I am coming back. I've been working on a handy expermiment for S303, and it is working! If you want to see it, here it is:

    This is the OLD version of S303 (Tri-Islands, etc.), but there is DYNAMIC LIGHTING, making it harder to survive in night. Light fires to have light, and make lanterns/torches for light, too.

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  • SkilledSniper1

    This is a contest for helping Survival 303 get official and better. Information below.

    • Minimum of 480x320.
    • Must fit Survival 303.
    • Must have some in-game content.

    • Must be convincing.
    • Must be somewhat short.
    • Minimum of 20 characters long.

    • Must be a minimum of 300 characters long.
    • Must have information of the wiki.

    Get a rank of Chat Moderator.

    100 Edits Added.

    • Go here .
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  • SkilledSniper1

    This blog is about the lack of time I have and the things I need to do on the Computer. If you need me, I might be doing the things listed below.

    1. Add Juggernaut Suit to Team Death Match at SkilledSniper1's Place.

    2. Put Voteing Pads.

    3. Add Turrets for Flight training.

    4. Add Gates for Sword Tourny and Team Death Match.

    5. Make an obby that uses all skills listed below.

    • Lava Jumps. Hint: Keep Jumping, otherwise you can fail.
    • Balance Beam Jumps and Lava Jumps. Hint: Make your body perpendicular to the Balance Beam to decrease chances of failure. Use a sword to use an extra boast if you are jumping corner-to-corner. Do not use it straight otherwise you can touch lava.
    • Extended Jumps, High Platforms, Shortcuts. Hint: Take off your hats, use a sword…

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  • SkilledSniper1

    Yes, like the title said, I issue a quest for the location of the lifeberry. Scarfacial said it is in the game some where. If it is found, 1 berry gives you 100 Hunger, 100 Thirst, and 100 Health. This is a big matter if found. Lifeberries are white berries.

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  • SkilledSniper1


    July 3, 2012 by SkilledSniper1

    Put all requests here. It is a way that would help improve this wiki.

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