Still glass, just bigger


Glass + Glass

Skill Requirements



Stove, Stained Glass, Shop, and Fastcarts

A Window is an uncommon item in Survival 303.


A window is an ingredient in Survival 303 for various crafting recipes such as a stove and a shop. It can also be a component in handmade buildings, as they serve as a fairly effective window (surprisingly enough).

It is fairly common to see four of these items being used to create a fastcart, an extremely fast method of transportation on perfectly flat ground. By placing four of these in a square on top of a small thin object (not attached to the ground), such as compost or small leaves, one can push on the windows to rapidly accelerate, and easily reach speeds of five times that of a catamaran. The fastcart only usually appears on Mainland, as it is only useful there and on Desert, and a player settling on desert is extremely rare.