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Woven Vest
Woven Vest
The woven vest
Recipe 1x Moss + 1x String + 1x Leather Armor + 1x Fabric
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Increased range with ranged weapons, increased damage with ranged weapons.

A Woven Vest is a type of armor in Survival 303.


The woven vest is a piece of armor that increases damage output and range for ranged weapons. The increase will vary for each weapon. It adds 75 HP to your player's health. This is the only item that uses moss in its crafting recipe. It is somewhat easier to craft in the Beta Map, seeing as most of the material spawns naturally. String is the only item you need to craft.

Bow name: Range: Damage:(stone arrow/bolt)
Yewbeam Bow 110--->158 64--->71
Crossbow 120--->168 75--->81
Long Bow 100--->140 40--->46
Crude Bow 75----->105 30-->35

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