The Yew Stump is a natural resource in Survival 303.
Yew Stump
Yew Stump
Magma Yew Tree

Islands found on

Old map: Magma Island, Mainland

New Map: ?

Method of obtaining



Yew handle


The Yew Stump is a new type of item added it in the 5.9 update. It is a shiny brown tree stump. It requires an axe to forage. From it you can make a yew handle, which is used in the recipe of the yewbeam bow, and is also used in the crafting recipe of the bluesteel tier two types of weaponry, the bluesteel spear and bluesteel javelin, in addition to the yewbeam bow, the mithril tier ranged weapon. It is an useful item to trade since it is found on only two islands, which are magma island and mainland on the old map.