A Yew Tree is a plant in Survival 303.


The yew tree is one of the rarest items in the game. It is only found in two opposite parts of the map, both being in places that are hard to survive on. It has a distinctive brown sheen to it. The yew tree has only two uses. One of them is making the yewbeam bow, which is the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, second one is that it is used for making the bluesteel spear or javelin. It can only be retrieved by chopping it with a steel axe (or higher) and cannot be foraged. It is great for trading as if you block off the forests where it is found, you control it. It means that it can fetch a high price. This tree is commonly mistaken by beginners for a normal tree.


This can be gathered with a steel+ axe. This tree can be found almost everywhere on the map but not in caves or other rock covered islands.