Yewbeam Bow
Yewbeam Bow
A player holding a yewbeam bow.


Yew Handle + Mithril + String x2

Skill Requirements

Carpentry 6, Crafting 3, Smithing 5


Long ranged fighting/sniping


The Yewbeam bow is the best bow in-game if used properly. It operates just like a long bow. The damage output is relatively close to the crossbow, though the range is slightly less. Just like long bows, using different ammo types like steel arrows or iron arrows increases the damage, depending on the type of arrow. This weapon is arguably the most expensive weapon in-game since it uses a piece of refined mithril in its recipe and the rare yew handle, which is only found in three places in the original map.

It is often compared to the Crossbow. If using steel arrows (which bolts also require) it does more damage than the Crossbow at a much faster pace. This makes the Yewbeam Bow superior to the Crossbow in almost every aspect except range. Interestingly, it can be used in correlation with a woven vest, steel arrows, and a quiver to create a viable melee weapon, dealing more damage than a bluesteel sword with a short reload. However, the large cost of frequent use, along with the fact it does not allow you to wear effective armour, makes this ineffective for anyone but an experienced combatant.

Base Damage Default Ammo Iron Arrow Steel Arrow Reload Range Max DPS
Yewbeam Bow 54/61* 10 (Arrow) 20 30 6/4** 110/158* 34.1
*  Using Woven Vest
** Using quiver


  • This was added is version 5.9.
  • In real life, the yew bow has extremely high tension. The handle of the bow is very flexible, making it a very deadly weapon.
  • This used to be one of the few tools that has a mesh with more than 1 brick, but now many of the tools have been updated with advanced meshes.

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